What’s On: The First Expo-of-Its-Kind

The Green and Wild Expo 2019 is the first-of-its-kind, exciting event focused on conserving Philippine natural environment, biodiversity, ecotourism, and bird photography. This event will gather conservationists, green advocates, nature enthusiasts, professional and amateur photographers, ecotourism and government stakeholders for the Philippine environment to be held under one roof and one marketplace.

This unique and exciting event provides a venue for knowledge-sharing and networking, plus a 2-day conference featuring local and international experts in the field of conservation, nature and bird photography, and ecotourism. A lecture series for photographers wanting to improve their skills and learn from the masters will be conducted. A forum and film showing activities that bring together various government agencies, private entities, non-governmental organizations, nature advocates, and individuals involved to promote, educate, and improve ecotourism and avitourism will be highlighted amongst other activities.

The Expo will feature products and services in: photography, gadgets and gears, optics, printing, ecotourism destinations, crafts, and nature and conservation centers, to form a network of organizations working together for a common cause in the conservation of Philippine wildlife and environment.

The Green and Wild Expo 2019 features an International Bird Photography Contest with entries to be exhibited in a full gallery during the event. The judging and awarding of winners will be done on the last day of the Expo. 

Why You Should Attend

By attending the Green and Wild Festival 2019, you will:

  1. Learn from experts and policy makers in the field of conservation, ecotourism, and bird photography.
  2. Network and establish connections with industry professionals and groups who share similar interests in the conservation and protection of the.
  3. Improve your craft and skills by attending the conference and lecture series during the 2-day Expo.
  4. Avail of the promotions and services exclusively offered during the event.
  5. Enrich your knowledge of the Philippine environment by interacting with conservation groups and government agencies.

Who Should Attend

Conservationists, policy makers, nature and environment advocates, green enthusiasts, ecotourism businessmen, and entrepreneurs, professional and amateur photographers, photography hobbyists, bird photographers, birdwatchers, travel enthusiasts, travel writers, tour operators, travel agencies, hotel and lodge owners and operators, government, media, academe, students, and those involved in biodiversity projects and conservation of the environment.