Project Brief

Lahing Makulay is an experimental project exhibit of wild bird photographer Alain Pascua. It features diptychs of his select photographs of endemic Philippine birds and painted artworks of Philippine indigenous peoples fabric designs.

As pieces of art created in two parts, each photograph of an endemic Philippine bird will be accented with fabric designs of a particular indigenous cultural community. The painted artworks will be done by different artists willing to collaborate with the photographer-exhibitor, and both will sign the canvasses. 

Lahing Makulay will run from November 20-21, 2019 at the Green and Wild Expo in SM Aura.

Exhibit Name

Lahing Makulay, the first of its kind, explores the vibrant and colorful endemic birds of the Philippines, the variety and richness of Philippine indigenous peoples fabric designs, and the innate talent and artistry of Filipinos. 

Lahing Makulay, therefore, refers to both colorful Philippine endemic birds and to the colorful Philippine indigenous cultural communities and the Filipino Nation.


Alain Pascua will be providing a minimum of 15 photographs of endemic Philippine birds with minimum sizes of 25 x 37.5 inches. 

Ross Capili’s OneWorkshop Studio will be printing the photographs on heavy artist canvass using giclee ink. The printed canvasses will then be turned over to artists who will paint and fill the allotted space for the fabric design. Reference material on the authentic designs of a particular ethnic group will be provided the artists. The painted artworks will be dynamic and flowing as if actual cloth is draped over that portion of the canvass. 

Ideally, the original concept was to feature the indigenous cultural community in the area where the bird was photographed. However, not all areas with indigenous cultural communities were initially considered when the photographs were taken, thus there might be birds with no corresponding cultural community, and there might be communities with no bird photographed in the area. Notwithstanding, each indigenous cultural community will be featured and care will be taken to avoid duplications.

Since the date of the first exhibit is set on November 20, participating artists must confirm their participation on or before October 4, afterwhich the printed canvass will be provided. The finished work must be submitted on October 28 for proper framing by OneWorkshop. The canvasses will be framed with 3-5 inch museum wrap, and may be mounted with or without board.

While the participating artists will be given all leeway and flexibility to translate their creativities and interpretations, the suggested base material is oil paint. Any other material may be added on this base.

Continuing Project

As a continuing project, the number of canvasses and exhibit dates will increase as more endemic bird photographs will be produced. Works will be exhibited in batches of 15 until all canvasses are sold. Limited editions may also be produced later.

Contributing Artists

Contributing artists will receive 20% of the net proceeds, and part of the income generated will be given to the Bagobo Tagabawa tribe of the Sinabadan Tribal Council in Sibulan, Davao City where the photographer-exhibitor was able to photograph the Philippine Eagle. 

As part of general conservation efforts, proceeds will be donated for the revival of indigenous weaving in that tribe, starting with the purchase of weaving tools and initial materials, and the provision of proper training for the traditional fabric, inabal.

Luzon Water Redstart, photographed in Sagada, Mountain Province, accented by Bontoc indigenous fabric design

Philippine Eagle, photographed in Mt. Apo at the border of Davao del Sur and Davao City, accented by Mandaya indigenous design

Reference Materials

The reference materials for the indigenous fabric designs may be seen and downloaded at

Contact Details

Interested artists may email [email protected]