A silent auction of old framed bird photographs will be conducted during the Green and Wild Expo to be held in SMX Aura this coming November 20-21, 2019.

This is part of the silent auction for the benefit of Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe in Sibulan, Daval del Sur and to enable wild bird photographers to recover production costs of the framed bird photographs.


  1. Format and Size Requirements

    Old framed bird photographs may be included in the silent auction. These include framed canvass prints and/or framed photo prints with glass. No sintra boards, no plain photographic prints. There is no size requirement for the framed photographs.

  2. Number of Entries

    Photographers may enter 1 to as much as 15 framed bird photographs in the exhibit.

  3. Silent Auction Pricing and Fees

    Framed photographs to be entered in the silent auction must be priced at a 70% discounted rate from the original price. Please provide the original published price.

    1. Starting Price of each framed photograph is 30% discounted price plus 10% service fee for Birds in Focus, Inc.
    2. Hammer Price of each framed photograph includes the 30% discounted price, 10% service fee, and top ups from the bidders.
    3. From the total top ups, 30% goes to the photographer, 30% service fee for Birds in Focus, Inc., and 40% shall be donated to the Bagobo-Tagabawa tribe in Sibulan, Davao del Sur for the revival of the inabal weavers.
    4. Minimum bid increment is 10% of the starting price.
    5. All sales at the Green and Wild Expo will be issued Birds in Focus, Inc. official receipts. On top of the service fee, additional 12% VAT shall be collected.
  4. Deadline

    Deadline for submission of required information is on November 10, 2019 at 5:00PM.

  5. Required Information

    These are the required information to be sent via email:

    1. Title of each framed photo
    2. Basic information of the bird in each framed photo: English name, scientific name, location and date taken, size, specifications
    3. Short profile about the photographer with recent photograph
    4. Please send the required information to [email protected]
  6. Ingress

    Photographers are required to oversee the setup of their bird photographs on the evening before the Green and Wild Expo. Coordination will be done privately through the email stated above.

  7. Unsold Frames

    Any unsold frames will be returned to the photographer during egress of the event.